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1 an expression of lack of respect [syn: discourtesy]
2 a disrespectful mental attitude [ant: respect]
3 a manner that is generally disrespectful and contemptuous [syn: contempt]


1 show a lack of respect for [ant: respect]
2 have little or no respect for; hold in contempt [syn: disesteem] [ant: respect, respect]

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lack of respect


  1. To show a lack of respect to someone or something.




to show a lack of respect

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Respectfulness is the concern for a harmonious relationship with your family, friends and all other people in a society, respect should be a natural response of politeness which can not be demanded. The true identification of respectfulness values others for who they represent, with a concern not to look down onto other people. This results in the protection of someone else's personal or common values, so that opinions and persuasions do not harm the good intentions of someone else. Taking into consideration the views and desires of others and incorporating it into your decisions, i.e. being truthful to people. When you respect another, you factor in and weigh others' thoughts and desires into your planning and balance it into your decision making.
An example would be: respecting someone's opinion. You may or may not agree, but you place it into consideration, and it may ultimately influence your decision (even if partially).
In Asiatic philosophy does self-respect and respecting others deserve to be respected, this is in the same context as taking care of yourself and your environment. Respectfulness adds general reliability to social interactions, it helps people to get along with each other in society.

Language related respect

Human languages typically portray grammatical distinctions to the listener between honorific and colloquial language. These distinctions may be grammatically encoded by a regular system of verb and noun affixes. In Japan for example, language is used to show respect between children and parents or between between husband and wife. It is a part of everyday life.
Human cultures have varied ways of showing you respect by bodily actions. In many European cultures, people shake hands. In others, such as in Japan people bow at the waist when meeting.
Frequently, gender is a factor in how respect is displayed in bodily behavior. For example, women in many Western cultures traditionally curtsy, whereas men bow. The 21 gun salute (done within the military for funerals of military members and for high ranking civilians,such as a president) is a very respect-based procedure.


The general theory behind the mafia (whether fictional or non-fictional) is that most mafias in some form or another revolve heavily around the theory of respect. Where the hired men and those lower in the rank of the family are set to show "respect" to the mafioso.

Street gangs

Street gang related respect is when someone shows admiration due to either admiring views, status or possessions. Respect in criminal related gangs is said to be gained from achieving things that others would think as too dangerous or risky. This is infact an act of false virtue and sets a bad example to the majority of people and would often lead to long term prison sentence. Just remember that crime doesn't pay, so better think twice before any such actions.

Crimes of revenge

Both the U.S. and Great Britain have recently experienced a surge in "disrespect shootings", where trivial social violations lead to violence.


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ban, be disrespectful, be overfamiliar with, blackball, blackballing, boldness, cheek, complaint, dim view, disagreement, disappointment, disapprobation, disapproval, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, discourtesy, disenchantment, disesteem, disfavor, disgruntlement, disillusion, disillusionment, disparage, displeasure, dissatisfaction, dissent, distaste, exclusion, hardihood, impertinence, impoliteness, impudence, incivility, indecorum, indignation, insolence, irreverence, low estimation, low opinion, make free with, not respect, objection, opposition, opposure, ostracism, protest, rank low, rejection, ridicule, rudeness, show disrespect for, take a liberty, take liberties with, thumbs-down, treat with disrespect, trifle with, unhappiness, unmannerliness
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